Chapter 11 – Examples of Calvinist Interpretive Incoherence

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Introduction to Chapter 11

Example 1 – David Allen and John Owen on John 3:16

Example 2 – Jeremy Evans’ Intellectual Movement Away From Calvinist Thought

Example 3 – Millard Erickson: A Moderate Calvinist Assesses Limited Atonement

Example 4 – Practical Ministry: Ecclesial Incoherence, Impact Prayer Cards and the Sanctity of Life

Calvary Church: Doctrinal and Ecclesial Inconsistency and the Bible Teaches Both

Practical Implications: Impact Prayer, Evangelism and Moderate Calvinis

Impact Prayer: The Plan of Salvation and Evangelism

Impact Prayer: God’s Sovereignty and Petitionary Prayer

Moderate Calvinism and the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life

Some Practical Implications: Doctrinal and Theological Indifference

Example 5 – D. A. Carson’s Bad Advice to Young Reformed Preachers

Calvinism and Hermeneutical Relativism

Calvinism and the Problem of Truth Correspondence

Example 6 – D. A. Carson’s “In The Last Analysis” A Priori Commitment to Unconditional Election

Example 7 – D. A. Carson: Response Determines Destiny

Example 8 – James Ayers Cannot Come to Terms with Calvinist Predestination

Example 9 – Erwin Lutzer’s Inconsistency on Election and Predestination

Losing Your Mind and Soul: Intimidation, Confusion and the Suppression of Reason

God’s Love and Human Value

Natural Disasters: We Escape Judgment by Repentance

Proving Your Unconditional Election

Testing Deterministic Unconditional Election by Contingent Conditional Faith

Example 10 – Erwin Lutzer on How You Can Know You Are Among the Elect

Come to Christ and Know You’re a Member of the Elect

The Gospel Irrelevance of Unconditional Election

Hermeneutical Conclusions

Example 11 – Erwin Lutzer’s Blatant Contradiction

Example 12 – Erwin Lutzer: How His Calvinism Expunges His Good News

Example 13 – J. I. Packer’s ‘Double-Talk’ and the Insincerity of the Gospel

Example 14 – Kenneth O. Gangel on 2 Peter 1:10 and 3:9

Example 15 – Greg Koukl on How He Became a Christian

Example 16 – Greg Koukl on Why Jesus Spoke in Parables

Example 17 – John S. Feinberg on Determinism vs. Fatalism; A Distinction without a Difference

Example 18 – Fred H. Klooster on the Sovereignty of God

Example 19 – J. D. Greear’s Gospel Inconsistency

Greear on Ephesians 1

Back to Greear’s Book: Gospel and Calvinist Soteriological Incoherence

J. D. Greear on a Gospel-Centered Church

Example 20 – Greg Gilbert’s Book “What is the Gospel?” and Theological Inconsistency

What Is the Gospel?


Example 21 – John Piper on the Gospel and the “Royal Decree” of “Your Sovereign”

Example 22 – Os Guinness: Both Are True, Use Them As Needed

Example 23 – Mohler on Naturalistic Determinism and Theistic Determinism: A Distinction without a Difference

Example 24 – John MacArthur on Victimization: How He Defeats His Own Calvinism

Example 25 – Josh Moody: An Examination of “No Other Gospel”

Calvinists Hide Their Calvinism: The Ethical Problem and Double-Talk

Example 26 – Ryken v. Ryken: Calvinist Inconsistency In Light of Billy Graham’s Gospel

Billy Graham’s Message of “Good News”

Dr. Ryken and the Billy Graham Center Dedication

The Wheaton Challenge

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